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Major Holdings

  • Margaret Bourke-White, [Gold miners, Johannesburg, South Africa], 1950
  • Larry Burrows, "Reaching out." Guided from a first-aid station to a helicopter evacuation clearing, yet still wanting to turn back to his dead commanding officer, a marine gunnery sergeant instinctively moves toward a mud-splattered comrade. Wounded for the third time, these would be his last minutes in Vietnam before being flown to a hospital ship at sea, and eventually, home, October 1966
  • W. Eugene Smith, Guardia Civil, Spain, 1950
  • Abraham Zapruder, [Frame 314 of 8mm home movie of assassination of President John F. Kennedy Jr., Dallas], November 22, 1963

The Time-Life Collection

The most significant picture magazine ever published in the United States, Life magazine defined American culture of the mid-twentieth century. In 2005, Time-Life donated 1,000 selected vintage prints from the magazine’s archives, component parts of larger photo-essays about American life. This collection includes works by Margaret Bourke-White, Larry Burrows, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Bill Eppridge, Dorothea Lange, Nina Leen, Carl Mydans, Gordon Parks, George Rodger, and W. Eugene Smith.