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Past Exhibition

Special Collections: The Photographic Order From Pop To Now

JULY 31–OCTOBER 16, 1992

The exhibition examines the ways in which photographers and artists have grouped, collected and categorized photographic images to create complete works.
Dennis Adams, John Baldessari, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Christian Boltanski, Sarah Charlesworth, Susan Eder, Judy Fiskin, Robbert Flick, Robert Heinecken, Douglas Heubler, Rick Hock, Allan Kaprow, Louise Lawler, Sol LeWitt, Araund Maggs, Annette Messager, Ray Metzker, Gary Fabian Miller, Richard Prince, Alan Rath, Edward Ruscha, Mitchell Syrop, Andy Warhol, Robert Watts, Neil Winokur. Curated by Charles Stainback.