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Past Exhibition

Small Town America: The Missouri Photo Workshops 1949–1991


This exhibition of black-and-white prints taken from the work of over four decades of participants in the University of Missouri Photo Workshop provides viewers with the opportunity to observe the dramatic social changes which occurred in Missouri and the nation.
Tom Abercrombie, Hope Alexander, David A. Barnes, Gilbert Barrera, Richard Benjamen, Bob Briedenbach, Chien-Chi Chang, Claro Cortes, Donna Coveny, Bruce Dale, W.E. Eppridge, Betsy Frampton, W.E. Garret, Paul Gero, Kevin Grace, James L Grant, Judy Griesedieck, Clyde Hare, Hugo Harper, David Heaton, Abigal Heyman, Chuck Holley, Jan Houseworth, William Janscha, Jr., Johnny Jenkins, J. Kyle Keener, Mary Kelley, Charles M. Kolb, Jim Laragy, Bill Marr, Jane Marsten, Ivan Massar, Brian Moss, Hal Power, Bill Ray, Emma Rivera, Phil Schofield, Andy Sharp, David Sharpe, John H. Sheally II, Howard J. Sochurek, Bob Trow, Joe Tyner, Jack Welpott, Scott Witte. Curated by Rich Clarkson, former Director of Photography, National Geographic Magazine.