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Past Exhibition

A Selection of Works by Important Women Photographers of the 20th Century


PART I: The works of 14 women photographers, all born around the turn-of-the-century who were active primarily during the first half of this century and can be considered among the distinguished elders of their profession. Their work reflects a panorama of life experience and more than 75 years of photographic history.
(PART II: work by women who established their careers in the 1950s and '60s.)
Berenice Abbott (American 1898–1992), Consuelo Canaga (American 1894–1978), Margaret Bourke–White (American 1904–1971), Ruth Bernhard (American b. Germany 1905), Carlotta M. Corpron (American 1901–1988), Barbara Morgan (American 1900–1992), Lotte Jacobi (American b. Germany 1896–1990), Nell Dorr (American 1893–1990), Toni Frissell (American 1907–1988), Doris Ulmann (American 1884–1934), Ferne Koch (American b. 1913), Julie Pirotte (Polish b. 1911), Marion Post Wolcott (American 1910–1990), Louise Dahl-Wolfe