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Past Exhibition

  • Kenji Yanobe
    Blue Cinema in the Woods, 2006
    © Kenji Yanobe
    Courtesy the artist
  • Makoto Aida
    Ai-chan Bonsai (Pine), 2005
    © Makoto Aida
    Courtesy of Mizuma Art Gallery
  • Naoki Kajitani
    JPEG / Starlight, Nagasaki, 2006
    © Naoki Kajitani
    Courtesy of Third Gallery Aya
  • Hiroh Kikai
    A man who tells me that he has always wanted to attract attention, ever since he was a kid, and has always been knocked around for it, 2002
    © Hiroh Kikai
    Courtesy the artist
  • Midori Komatsubara
    Tatsuya and Yu 1, from the series "Sanctuary: Arrange," 2004
    © Midori Komatsubara
    Courtesy of Third Gallery Aya
  • Yukio Nakagawa
    Eyelashes, 1976
    © Yukio Nakagawa
    Courtesy of Yukio Nakagawa Office and the Miyagi Museum of Art
  • Asako Narahashi
    Half Awake and Half Asleep in the Water (Makuhari), 2001
    © Asako Narahashi
    Courtesy the artist
  • Tsuyoshi Ozawa
    Hiroshima, from the "Vegetable Weapon" series, 2005
    © Tsuyoshi Ozawa
    Courtesy of Ota Fine Arts
  • Tomoko Sawada
    From the series "School Days," 2004
    © Tomoko Sawada
    Courtesy of MEM Inc. and Zabriskie Gallery
  • Risaku Suzuki
    Kumano, 1997
    © Risaku Suzuki
    Courtesy of Gallery Koyanagi and Yoshii Gallery NY
  • Miwa Yanagi
    Fairy Tales Series: Gretel, 2004
    © Miwa Yanagi
    Courtesy the artist
  • Masayuki Yoshinaga
    Goth-Loli: Ageha 24 Aoko 23, 2006
    © Masayuki Yoshinaga
    Courtesy the artist

Heavy Light: Recent Photography and Video from Japan

MAY 16–SEPTEMBER 7, 2008

Heavy Light: Recent Photography and Video from Japan will present the exciting and highly individualistic work of a new generation of Japanese artists who have come of age following the Asian economic crash of 1990. For the last several years, China has been the focus of attention for contemporary Asian art, while the remarkable and distinctive younger generation of Japanese artists who are working today has been largely ignored. This ICP exhibition will be the first major U.S. presentation of contemporary photo-based artwork from Japan in over ten years. Heavy Light will present the work of thirteen artists and will fill most of the ICP gallery space. The exhibition will include both photographs and video, many of which are large and dramatic pieces. Curated by ICP curator Christopher Phillips and Noriko Fuku of the University of Art and Design in Kyoto, Heavy Light will be accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue and a range of public programs.

Visit the Joy of Giving Something's Forward Thinking Museum for more Heavy Light images and a video interview with Christopher Phillips, "A Curator at Work," in the JGS Theater section.

Makoto Aida
Naoya Hatakeyama
Naoki Kajitani
Hiroh Kikah
Midori Komatsubara
Yukio Nakagawa

Asako Narahashi
Tsuyoshi Ozawa
Tomoko Sawada
Risaku Suzuki
Miwa Yanagi
Kenji Yanobe
Masayuki Yoshinaga

This exhibition was organized by the International Center of Photography with lead support from the ICP Exhibitions Committee. Generous support provided by Nikon, Robert and Gayle Greenhill, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Diana Barrett for The Fledgling Fund, Roberta and Steven Denning, and Studley. Additional support provided by Asahi Beer Arts Foundation, Asahi Beer USA, Asian Cultural Council, Japan Foundation, Rick and Ellen Kelson, Andrew and Marina Lewin, Ira M. Resnick, Shiseido, David Solo, Artur Walther, and by Omar Al-Farisi, Frank and Mary Ann Arisman, Toyota Motor North America, and Diane and Tom Tuft. Support for the interpretive programs has been provided by the W.L.S. Spencer Foundation.