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Past Exhibition

The Great West: Real/Ideal


In this exhibition, fifty-five photographers present their concepts of the geographical, historical and cultural region of North America known as "the Great West" – its real or physical nature and its ideal or culturally perceived nature.
Ansel Adams, Robert Adams, Jim Alinder, Thomas Barrow, Michael Becotte, R.C. Bishop, Paul Caponigro, William Clift, Linda Connor, Judy Dater, Joe Deal, Peter De Lory, Paul Diamond, Allen Dutton, Reed Eastbrook, Robert Fichter, David Freund, Lee Friedlander, Marc Gaede, Oliver Gagliani, Laura Gipin, Betty Hahn, James Hajicek, Robert Heinecken, Nicholas Hlobeczy, Philip Hyde, Earl Iversen, Harold Jones, Kenneth Josephson, Nathan Lyons, Marshall Mayer, Lawrnce McFarland, Roger Mertin, NASA/ERTS, Anne Noggle, Tod Papageorge, John Pfahl, David Plowden, Eliot Porter, Eric Renner, Marcia Resnick, Barbara Jo Revelle, Charles Roitz, Meridel Rubinstein, Richard Schaeffer, Stephen Shore, Michael Smith, Jerry Uelsmann, David Vestal, Jack Welpott, Henry Wessel, Jr., Brett Weston, Minor White, Geoffrey Winningham, Garry Winogrand and Ronald Wohlauer.