Teaching Assistant

Jan 24, 2015

Date: Ongoing
Department: Education
Title: Teaching Assistant
Compensation: Unpaid with tuition discounts and access to digital lab/darkroom facilities


Teaching Assistants aid Faculty and staff with all aspects of the class or office they are assigned to. The class instructor or staff will determine the specific duties and assignments. Their responsibilities are to help students keep up with the curriculum, help groups of students when classes are divided, set up equipment and chemicals, make photocopies, and all relevant aspects of classroom management.


It is preferred that applicants possess knowledge of photography—its history, techniques, and aesthetics—and have strong and effective, written and verbal communication skills. To TA for digital, darkroom, or lighting classes, Teaching Assistants must have the necessary technical skills to assist students and faculty. Certain responsibilities for classes with equipment may require heavy lifting.


Teaching Assistants are credited for each hour worked. Earned credit will be given out via credit hours cards in 20-hour units. (TA's are not able to purchase additional time in the labs, beyond time they have earned).

Once Teaching Assistants earn the appropriate number of hours, credit hours may be used in the digital labs and darkrooms or submitted to the Education Office for tuition discounts (the maximum discount is 50% off of tuition only, all Teaching Assistants must pay full materials and registration fees):

  • 10-week class: 40 TA credit hours needed – 50% tuition reduction
  • Five-week class: 20 TA credit hours needed – 50% tuition reduction
  • Two-weekend workshop: 40 TA credit hours needed – 50% tuition reduction
  • One-weekend workshop: 20 TA credit hours needed – 50% tuition reduction
  • 1 hour lab time - 1 TA credit hour needed (all students must pay for print fees)

Accrued hours are valid for tuition credit and lab usage for two years after they were earned. The expiration date on your Credit Hours Card is the final date in which the card can be used for tuition discounts and lab usage. TA credit hours cards cannot be extended and/or replaced.


Anyone who has not been a TA at ICP must first work one term as an Office Teaching Assistant. The assignment requires around a 10-week commitment, although many assignments extend longer. A shift is 4–5 hours a week. Office TAs can work multiple shifts. Available openings are emailed to all TAs and are filled on a first come first served basis.

Once you fulfill your Office Teaching Assistant requirements, you will be added to our Class Teaching Assistant list and will receive emails before the start of each semester with classes needing TAs. The class schedule is dependent on the course they are assisting. Our courses range from 10-week sessions that meet 3 hours per week, morning, afternoon, or evening; one-day seminars; 1–2 weekend workshops; and intensive weeklong seminars.




In order to apply for a Teaching Assistant position at ICP, please send the TA application to [email protected].

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