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Apr 27
Book Signing: An Evening with Kehrer Verlag - Candace Plummer Gaudiani, Monika Merva, Lydia Panas, Irina Rozovsky, and Evzen Sobek
ICP Store, 1133 Avenue of the Americas
Friday, April 27, 6:00pm–7:30pm

Join Candace Plummer Gaudiani, Monika Merva, Lydia Panas, Irina Rozovsky, and Evzen Sobek as they sign their monographs from Kehrer Verlag.

Between Destinations by Candace Plummer Gaudiani
By the age of 12, Candace Plummer Gaudiani had visited 48 states by car and train. Today, her photo series explores what it means to be part of and sometimes estranged from the places we hold in our memories. The ambiguity of belonging, longing, and estrangement led to the artist's choice of framing each image through a train window. Between Destinations combines moody black-and-white images, capturing a seemingly timeless American landscape, with sensual, saturated colors of spring and autumn, which lend a heightened reality to the passing terrain. We are on the inside looking out, reaffirming that we are always between destinations, from birth to the end.

The City of Children by Monika Merva
During several visits since 2002, Monika Merva has photographed everyday life at a Hungarian government housing facility for children from dysfunctional and poverty stricken families. "The City of Children" was founded in the late 1950s, a period when the Hungarian social welfare system emphasized collective solutions to private problems. "Having visited The City of Children many times over the years, I have become increasingly impressed by its quiet, and often hidden, power and beauty... I believe the home is where our strength lies. It's the source of everything—where all our fears, questions, love, and a sense of belonging originate." — Monika Merva

The Mark of Abel by Lydia Panas
After 20 years of working exclusively in black-and-white photography, mostly with her own children, Lydia began inviting other people to her farm in Pennsylvania, to see what difference this might bring to her work. Some of the models are family, some are friends, some are people she knew less intimately. She asked them to bring along their own family members or close friends, people with whom they shared a history. Panas found that with the camera, she was free to watch and capture a sense of the connections between people, those unclear feelings that exist between us.

One to Nothing by Irina Rozovsky
In late 2008 photographer Irina Rozovsky traveled through Israel with three cousins in a rental car. What began as an unassuming two-week journey resulted in a photographic turning point, yielding a complicated and surprising body of images. Two years later she returned to look further at an Israel we do not see on the news. The photographs in One to Nothing are not political: they do not defend a side or critique the conflict. Instead, Israel here is a mythological backdrop to the age long struggle between man and the dusty, sun bleached landscape of his origin. The score to this existential battle is locked at 1–0, with no finish line in sight. A loose, subtle, and open-ended narrative One to Nothing describes an unusual tension with striking and delicate observations.

Life in Blue by Evzen Sobek
Since 2007 photographer Evzen Sobek has been documenting life on the banks of a reservoir in the southern Czech Republic in his series Life in Blue. In this manmade recreation area, an unusual community of campers and tents has grown up that for many residents has become a second home, a place where they have spent their vacations for decades. What prompts the members of this community to voluntarily spend a weekend or even a year in this strangely empty landscape? Is it the need for some unconstrained time in a romantic setting? Or perhaps people are able here to quench their desire for a life in the society of others that the city can no longer offer. The series tells of their everyday leisure activities, the small stories written by life that sometimes seem to have a deeper meaning, enigmatic or even bizarre.

Please note that due to professional obligations, photographer's book signing dates may change without notification. Limit of two signed copies per customer. Pre-orders and reserve orders are not guaranteed but every effort is made to fulfill orders. Books must be purchased from the ICP Store. If purchased before date of event, please bring your receipt. For more information, call 212.857.9725.

Free Friday night programs in the Museum are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn.